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Skate Care:

Basic Reference Guides to all things Figure Skating:

Need a Competition Form Signed?:

  • All competitions required that an Officer of the club sign the entry form verifying that the Member is in “Good Standing” with the Club.  Current Officers of the Club are listed under the Board of Directors tab.  (Basic Skills Competitions also allow for the Skating Director to sign)
  • Most days there is usually an Officer around the arena, but if not, simply leave the form with the front desk, and ask them to put it in the “to be signed folder”.  The Officers check the file every few days, sign the forms, and leave them in the “signed folder”.  You can check with the front desk a few days later, and your form should be signed and ready!
  • Please don’t wait till the last minute before a competition deadline; get them in as soon as possible.  But if more than a few days goes by and your form is still not signed, please contact us at contact@skatingclubofnovi.org and we will make sure it gets addressed immediately.
  • Also, please include all of the other entry paperwork with the signature form, as we need to be able to verify that skater is eligible for the events registered.

Need a Test Form Signed?:

  • Use the same process as above.  Some out of club forms require the signature of the SCN Test Chair, others allow an Officer to sign.  Either way, we all check the folder most days, but again, don’t wait till the last minute.

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